hen you engage Cognesis to source and secure outstanding specialist contractors, you are entrusting your operation to a consultancy established in 2006 with experience providing skilled resources tailored to the needs of a range of industry sectors.

During that time we have satisfied significant demand for contractors with a Defence/Aerospace focus, initially for Queensland projects, but in recent years Cognesis has expanded its Defence consulting and contracting services into neighbouring states.

Our national presence also extends to providing contract resources for Government projects as well as utilities sectors.

As a Defence Aerospace operator you will be acutely aware of the intricacies of balancing competing operations and maintenance demands, compliance considerations, tight turnarounds and scheduling conflicts. Engaging a contractor to step into the fray and negotiate such a complex landscape can be a challenging proposition. Since 2006, Cognesis contractors have been the first choice for a range of key Aerospace and Defence organisations.

Aerospace and Defence projects which have previously benefitted, or continue to benefit, from Cognesis resources include:

  • Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) – Tiger
  • Multi-Role Helicopter (MRH90) NH-90
  • F/A-18 Hornet Upgrade Program (HUG)
  • F/A-18 Super Hornet
  • F-111 Weapons Upgrade and Simulator
  • Multi-Role Tanker-Transport (MRTT) – KC-30A
  • Australian Defence Force Air Traffic System (ADATS)

The advantage of a Cognesis contractor lies in his/her ability to quickly adapt to new environments and literally hit the ground running. They have been carefully selected on the merits of outstanding technical knowledge, verified industry experience and an innate ability to execute innovative problem solving.

If you are engaged in Land based Defence projects, you will be accustomed to functioning within highly sophisticated operations with a degree of complexity that require premium resources delivering outstanding results.

Cognesis contractors offer you the assurance of highly advanced technical knowledge, coupled with industry experience, to complement your existing team. Your operation will benefit from innovative problem solving designed to not only meet your remit but deliver results that go beyond KPIs and industry benchmarks.

Many of Cognesis’ contractors have exposure to a range of Land based Defence projects providing the resources and support required for projects such as Land 75 (Mission & Safety Critical Software) and Land 175 (Infantry Weapons and Remote Weapons Stations).

Our contractors have specialist skills required in:

  • Mission and safety critical software
  • Explosive ordnance
  • Systems integration
  • Systems safety
  • Land vehicles
As a Naval/Maritime based Defence operator, you work in a highly sophisticated technical environment demanding outstanding contributions from a team of skilled collaborators. Cognesis seeks a fitting degree of intellectual prowess, dedication and innovation, when recruiting contractors for Naval/Maritime projects.

Our proven expertise in the Defence arena has been established within the Aerospace market, since 2006. The signature of our culture is selecting experienced contractors with sophisticated technical knowledge and innovative problem solving skills. This formula has placed us at the pinnacle of Defence consulting and this model is now being extended to the Naval/Maritime sector.

Cognesis contractors have specialist skills required in:

  • Ships Electronic System (Weapons, Sensors, Communication and Command & Control)
  • Mission and safety critical software
  • Explosive ordnance
  • Systems integration
  • Systems safety
  • Submarine control and monitoring systems

High frequency and phased array radars

Private/Public Enterprise and Government
Private and Public Enterprises engaged in major projects (bids/acquisition/sustainment efforts/backfill/backlog) demand skilled operators capable of working to tight timelines with the agility and flexibility to respond to evolving demands. Similarly, Government projects require equally skilled human resources capable of working to complex technical remits.

Whether you require additional specialist resources to fast-track a project, fill a deficit skillset or kick-start a new initiative, Cognesis offers your organisation compatible, experienced contractors who will not only complement your existing team but who strive to further advance your project, whether it’s a Private/Public or Government initiative. Cognesis contractors bring you high levels of qualified technical knowledge that underpin the innovative solutions you need for complex problems.

Over the years, Cognesis has been enlisted to provide a range of support services for Federal, State and Local Government and the Private Sector.  Industry specific assignments have included but are by no means limited to:

  • Tolling
  • Coal seam gas
  • Water authorities
  • Travel (Flight Centre)
  • Rail
  • Civil Aviation

At Cognesis we have carefully developed our scope of work to satisfy your needs for:

  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Risk Management
  • Contract Management
  • Process Re-Engineering/Management/Change Management
  • Training Framework Design
  • Development and Delivery
  • Technical Writing

Cognesis contractors are comfortable working across a wide range of challenging platforms (including process mapping, optimisation and procedures). They are experienced in both life-cycle project work (requirements analysis through to implementation) and day-to-day operations, including but not limited to environmental studies, engineering in the field for CSG and tolling work.

You can be assured that Cognesis offers cost effective and independent, specialist expertise across a range of disciplines, for short term (weeks) to long term (6-12 months) contracts.

Program Managers, Engineering Managers and Project Directors look to contractors for a range of support services across projects, bids, acquisitions, sustainment efforts, backfill and backlog. No matter the tenure or task, these high level professionals seek to engage experienced industry practitioners who possess a proven track record and capabilities, and importantly, may be trusted to act autonomously and decisively in support of their endeavours.

Cognesis recognises the drivers and demands of our clients and, as such, our contractors have been hand-picked for their ability to mirror those efficiencies and expertise. We instil a sense of confidence, through innovative problem solving backed by highly sophisticated technical knowledge and experience, that compels our clients to engage us again and again.

Our commitment to YOU:

  • Quality engineering expertise for clients requiring both reliable resourcing and high level service
  • Rates that are competitive
  • Personal and timely responses to requests
  • A contracting partner that has a lean, well-defined model that enables us to provide outstanding value to the client and higher than average remuneration to our contractor team
  • People with appropriate skills to support major projects, bids and acquisition and sustainment efforts, backfill, backlog, short-term or longer term tasks
  • Reliable, knowledgeable specialist support to ensure the client can deliver to their customers as promised under contracts. We have a strong record of delivering project and program objectives.
  • Access to engineers who innately add significant value to Program Managers/Project Directors’/Engineering Managers’ KPIs, projects and day to day tasks

Our specialist services include:

Whether your engineering requirements are centred around avionics, systems safety, structural demands or beyond, contracting additional specialist operators requires a deft approach to ensure any outsourcing aligns with your internal standards and performance specifications.

Cognesis contract engineers are meticulously selected from within the top 20% of their disciplines  (as defined by reputation checks, qualifications, industry experience and appropriate clearances). They offer your project innovative problem solving, backed by highly sophisticated technical prowess. Our engineers consistently aim to add value to KPIs on both day-to-day tasks and throughout a project’s life-cycle.

Cognesis satisfies your requirement for diverse engineering services across a broad range of industries. Our contractors are particularly specialised in the following fields:

Equipment manufacturers, integrators and military and civilian end-users are among the key clients who engage Cognesis Communications Engineers in the development, integration, commissioning, test and sustainment of state-of-the-art communications systems.

With a particular emphasis on secure military voice and data communications, Cognesis is well placed to support the modernisation of the Australian Defence communications capability. Examples of previous tasking demonstrate this capability in the following areas:

  • Network design, link budgets, bandwidth optimisation and spectrum management
  • Planning, test and rectification of interoperability at all layers of network, liaison with ADF interoperability managers
  • HF/VHF/UHF voice and data communications
  • Civilian SATCOM networks, Inmarsat, GAN/BGAN, L-Band
  • Tactical Datalinks including Combat Net Radio (CNR), VMF, Link11, Link16, Battlefield Management Systems (BMS)
  • Fixed Terrestrial networks, IP, ISDN and Trunking
  • Wireless networks, 802.11, point-point, point-multipoint, repeater nodes – civilian and military bands
  • Voice/Data encryption, Frequency Agile, Spread Spectrum, Low Probability of Intercept bearers

Our outstanding reputation in avionics/communications engineering has been built upon an ongoing commitment to deliver clients specialist resources that blend sophisticated technical intelligence with innovative problem solving skills to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Is your operation in need of tried and tested contract Structural Engineers?

A reputation for outstanding industry experience in the design, analysis, modification and repair of advanced airframe structures underpins why our clients routinely request Cognesis contractors. Beyond these impressive reputations, our contractors are highly regarded for their technical prowess and innovative problem solving capabilities that produce project outcomes that exceed KPIs and regularly set new benchmarks for deliverables.

Our team has been involved in many significant programs including:

  • A350 cabin crew and flight crew rest compartment analysis
  • Boeing 787 composite control surface structural analysis and design
  • 777 CATIA composite data definition
  • JSF system stress analysis
  • Wedgetail AEW&C; structural design composite and machined components

Cognesis engineers are accustomed to working within the certification and on-going airworthiness requirements of the Australian Defence Force TAMM (Technical Airworthiness Management Manual) and hold DE1 structural repair and modification delegations enabling them to approve structural repairs and modifications to the MRH90 helicopter. Cognesis engineers have significant experience in the repair and modification of civilian registered aircraft and they are experienced in the certification process to approve these changes.

Our specific skillsets include:

  • CATIA V5/V4 design and drafting for composite and metallic parts
  • CATIA V5 composite workbench DS certified Trainer status
  • Project management and detailed bid/tender preparation
  • Finite Element Analysis using Nastran/Patran, Hypermesh and Optistruct
  • Classical hand calculation methods
  • Development of Class 1 design changes and modification orders complying with TAMM requirements

Cognesis’ structural engineers are routinely engaged for additional or extended contracts with satisfied clients impressed by the high standard of performance and delivery, and requirements for exceptional project outcomes.

Systems Engineering
Defence and Aerospace operators engaged in complex development, integration and through-life-support projects across both Australian and foreign military projects/platforms make up a core group of Cognesis clients seeking highly qualified, experienced contract engineers with outstanding problem solving capabilities.

You can expect that the Cognesis contractors you engage, have previous experience within many of Australia’s prime Defence operations, as Systems Engineering Managers, Software Developers, Systems Architects and both Junior and Senior Systems Engineers.

Cognesis Systems Engineers have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Requirements Elicitation, Capture, Management, Traceability and Verification using industry standard requirements management tools such as DOORs/DXL scripting, from Operational Functional Performance Specifications (FPS) and Operational Concept Documents (OCDs / CONOPS) through to System, Sub-System, Hardware and Software requirement breakdown/specifications
  • Systems Engineering Processes as applicable to the Australian Defence environment (Air, Land and Sea) and prime contractors (EIA-632, ISO/IEC 15288, Engineering Management Systems, TAMM, TRAMM etc)
  • Development and maintenance of Systems Engineering Management Plans (SEMP) and subordinate plans such as Risk Management, Configuration and Data Management
  • High level, conceptual and systems architecture and design, leveraging Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) and Military Off The Shelf (MOTS) offerings, planning and carrying out technology insertion or upgrade programs
  • Integration of new or enhanced capabilities across initial acquisition and legacy/sustainment platforms
  • Modelling and Simulation of complex systems (UML, Matlab, Simulink, etc)
  • Preparation, review and delivery of engineering documentation / CDRLs.

Notably, feedback indicates that Cognesis personnel rapidly integrate within the client’s organisation during assignments of any length, and at any stage of a project’s life-cycle.

System Safety
If you, or your organisation, are experiencing a deficit skillset or personnel shortage in navigating compliance, capability and maintenance measures, Cognesis contractors are well equipped to offer innovative problem solving supported by highly sophisticated technical knowledge.

Cognesis’ System Safety Engineers have significant experience in conducting comprehensive system safety analysis in accordance with MIL-STD-882C.  Specific experience includes:

  • Hazard identification and analysis (investigation and assessment, categorization and quantification, and drafting of safety analysis logs)
  • Hazard mitigation analysis (assessing mitigation / management options for each hazard, recommending a management option, consolidating recommendations and operational limitations, and conducting on-site visits)
  • Drafting the Safety Case reports and preparing a suite of documents to record and report on the System Safety analysis.

Clients also benefit from our contractors’ tried and tested ability to collaborate with a range of operators and effectively negotiate conflicting schedules and demands.

Software Development
If your project or platform requires long or short-term development and test/verification personnel, Cognesis can offer highly skilled contractors experienced in developing and maintaining complex software systems and test/certification up to DO-178B level A.

Cognesis can also support safety/mission critical projects. All aspects of a software development program are addressed through software architecture/design, coding and testing, automated, host and rig testing, software configuration management, defect tracking and documentation.

Cognesis software development professionals are experienced in:

  • Requirements Management (DOORs, Rational Requisite Pro)
  • Test case development (DOORs, Mercury QC)
  • Configuration Management and Software Version Control (CVS, Rational Clearcase)
  • Software, Tools and Automated Test Development (ADA, C, C#, C++, FORTRAN, Perl, UNIX, VBA, VBScript, Javascript, Python, Greenhills MULTI)
  • Conduct of System/Sub-System testing, Test Stub development, test documentation and reporting

Our reputation has been built on the combined strengths of technical prowess and the identification of innovative solutions to complex problems. Cognesis Software Developers are in high demand and often requested to return to clients for extended assignments.

Testing and Verification
Looming capability milestones and scheduling conflicts often leave fulltime personnel extended well beyond their day-to-day tasks. Cognesis is well positioned to place either backfill resources or short-term/long-term T&E contractors offering high levels of performance in developmental, acceptance, operational, ground and flight testing against regulatory, systems and performance baselines.

Cognesis personnel have been involved in both acquisition and sustainment test and evaluation campaigns. Our contractors have supported both prime-contractor and customer test and evaluation activities, across all phases of a project’s life-cycle.

Our culture of excellence is shared by our contractors who innately strive to exceed their remits, which is supported by client feedback that frequently indicates our T&E contractors’ recommendations continue to benefit the organisation long after temporary tenures are completed.

Contracts Management and Administration
If you are seeking contract support at any stage of a project’s life-cycle, from tender to completion, your Cognesis contractor can offer timely, efficient service delivered with the assurance of industry experience and a solid reputation within relevant disciplines.

You have the flexibility to engage Cognesis contractors on short-term or long-term assignments with a wide range of remits, including drafting, pricing, reviewing, negotiating and executing contracts. Cognesis personnel are equipped to provide ongoing upgrades and enhancements to major contracts across a range of highly complex projects and contracting systems including:

  • Design and construction
  • Engineering consultancy
  • GITC and Intellectual Property-related transactions
  • Defence materiel acquisition
  • Energy distribution service agreements

Contract and commercial management services include:

  • Providing contract and technical advice on associated contracts
  • Face to face negotiations with customer representatives and in-house functional teams (contracts, supplier management, engineering, legal counsel and project accounting)
  • Negotiating settlement of extended disputes on behalf of clients
  • Legal support
  • Procurement
  • Policy administration
  • Financial administration

Cognesis’ contracts management and administration specialists instil client confidence through innovative problem solving, backed by advanced technical knowledge and experience.

Configuration Management
Maintaining the integrity and complexities of Defence software usually rests with a select group of experts within an established organisation. Cognesis contractors aim to mirror the aptitudes and commitment of their fulltime counterparts, through a combination of highly sophisticated technical knowledge and innate problem solving capabilities.

Cognesis can provide configuration management expertise with experience across a range of CM databases including eMatrix, Enovia and Windchill. The majority of our contractors are certified Configuration Managers and / or Software Configuration Managers with experience in ISO90001 Quality Systems and auditing. This expertise has been gained through specific experience working for major prime Defence contractors.

Cognesis’ Configuration Managers work alongside clients in a manner that mirrors a proactive partnering relationship, whereby CMs make a significant contribution to project goals and aim to leave assignments with a legacy of ongoing added value.

Cognesis Configuration Managers’ capabilities include:

  • Maintenance of processes, procedures and tools of the configuration management system
  • Management of the configuration control boards
  • Delivering master record indexes for engineering and quality staff
  • Administering tools and databases used for the configuration management system
  • Providing input into the functionality of the configuration management database across multiple projects
  • Managing multiple schemas and complex scripting with MQL (Matrix Query Language) to assist with data migration and optimisation for major project schema consolidation
  • Facilitating the planning, deployment, functionality changes, enhancements, extensions and associated engineering product life-cycle processes for configuration management across the business through understanding the needs of customers, measured analysis of business needs and requirements gathering
  • Creating tools to bulk upload new or existing objects and multiple file types to the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) while conforming to the strict naming conventions and life-cycle policies mandated by engineering within an organisation
  • Supporting the CMDB by working with customers to produce accurate reports and forms in the desired format, be it HTML or spreadsheet, based on a wide range of requirements driven by business need
Supply Chain and ILS
If you are engaged in Supply Chain, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and other procurement related activities, Cognesis contractors are equipped with the necessary technical knowledge and problem solving skills to not only support your day-to-day tasking but offer innovative recommendations to further propel your project goals.

Cognesis contractors range from high extend senior ILS specialists to warehousing and technical store man staff, across both Defence and private industries. Our expertise is available to you in the areas of:

  • Designing, developing and implementing supply chain solutions
  • Monitoring supplier performance schedule and cost, tracking KPI’s and recommending resolutions for poor performance
  • Management of budgets, with a focus on cost, quality and schedule
  • Designing, developing and delivering SAP projects
  • Developing maintenance management processes to deliver governance controls, financial and procurement controls and EAM best practice principles
  • Developing frameworks for corporate governance and training expectations
  • Undertaking strategic operational planning and reviews including maintenance practices and contracts

Our contractors have high level capabilities and experience across a range of systems including SAP, ADAASS, MILIS and SDSS, amongst others.

Technical Writing and Illustration
If your needs include the creation or upgrading of highly complex, technical documentation within intricate compliant-driven environments, from time to time you will no doubt have required contractors to help meet project milestones.

Engaging Cognesis assures you access to a skilled specialist contractor with appropriate industry experience but more importantly, a commitment to driving your documentation beyond project parameters, by offering recommendations and reviews that have far broader impacts.

Cognesis technical writing and illustration specialists have the skills and experience necessary to turn complex technical documents into ‘plain English’ with particular expertise in the following key areas:

  • Analysing data, technical design documents (e.g. engineering or construction) and original equipment manufacturer manuals to identify maintenance and operator tasks
  • Writing extensible markup language (XML) for S1000D data modules
  • Advising clients on publication style, structure, format and language during content development
  • Developing training materials
  • Developing and documenting publication processes and procedures
  • Preparing graphics, wiring diagrams and schematics for technical publications from CAD drawings and photographic images

Cognesis clients consistently request the return of Documentation Officers and Illustrators who have proved invaluable in efficiently translating and transposing materials within tight turnarounds.

Is your organisation looking to adopt new techniques to develop efficiencies and enhance project performance?

Cognesis offers training and development packages tailored to suit specific needs and a range of requirements. Our consulting services extend to conducting independent reviews of organisational learning systems through our association with Traxion Training, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), which is available to assist organisations in areas of:

  • Customer needs analysis
  • Designing and delivering service training
  • Developing ideas on how to build/ train a workforce
  • Ensuring learning solutions enable the organisation’s goals to be achieved
  • Integrating and rationalise learning solutions for greater efficiency and return on investment (ROI)
In addition, we offer a range of training courses. Please contact Cognesis to discuss the current training courses available.
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