About Cognesis

Cognesis is a 100% woman owned and operated Australian business based in Brisbane.

Founder and Director Julie Savage and her team have more than 15 years’ experience in the contracting and consulting industry. Since establishing Cognesis in 2006, Julie has been driven to deliver highly responsive and competitive services.

The Cognesis team specialises in provision of contractors who are:

  • Engineers: Structures, Avionics, Mechanical, Systems, Software, Systems Safety, Communications, Cyber
  • Test and Requirements Managers
  • Contracts Managers
  • Integrated Logistic Support Managers and ILS specialists
  • Technical Officers and Writers
  • Acquisition Program Managers and Support
  • Project Managers and Project Co-ordinators
  • Configuration Specialists
  • Schedulers
  • Tender and Bid Support Specialists

Cognesis is renowned for finding the right people for hard to find roles.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to YOU is to provide:

  • Quality engineering and other technical expertise for clients requiring reliable contractors and high-level service
  • Value for money
  • Personal and timely responses to requests
  • A contracting partner with a lean and focused business model, which enables us to provide outstanding value to the client, and higher than average remuneration to our contractor team
  • Resources with appropriate skills to support major projects, bids, acquisition and sustainment efforts, backfill, backlog, short-term or long-term tasks
  • Reliable, knowledgeable, specialist support to ensure the client can deliver to their customers as promised under contracts. We have a strong record of delivering project and program objectives
  • Access to engineers who can ramp up quickly to add significant value to Program Managers, Project Directors and Engineering Managers’ projects and KPIs as well as day-to-day tasks