Our Contractors

Cognesis’ speciality is providing high quality contractors to support projects, bids, acquisition programs, sustainment efforts, backfill and backlog. No matter the tenure or task, Cognesis provides experienced industry practitioners with proven track records.

Our Contractor Selection Process

With years of success in our industry and a catalogue of satisfied clients we have refined our process to ensure the optimal staffing solution. Cognesis contractors are carefully selected using a merit criterion which includes:

  • Holding outstanding technical knowledge
  • Possessing an innate ability to execute innovative problem solving
  • Established top tier talent in their profession/speciality

To further ensure confidence and reduce time-consuming employment processes for our clients every Cognesis contractor is screened via:

  • Reputation checks through Cognesis’ extensive network of industry contacts
  • Vetting and matching of contractor’s professional qualifications
  • Vetting and matching of contractor’s industry experience for individual project requirements
  • Obtaining and maintaining appropriate government security clearances as required
  • Detailed reference checks
  • Citizenship status checks